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 Maid Name: Ika fatmawati
 Ref. Code: HM1504
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Name  Ika fatmawati
Ref. Code  HM1504
Type  Transfer maid
Nationality  Indonesian maid
Date of Birth  10-07-1984 (ages:30 years)
Place of Birth  Wonosobo
Height  155cm
Weight  55Kg
Religion  Muslim
Marital Status  Single
Number of Children  0
Maid's Present Salary  360
Education  College/Degree(>=13 yrs)
Availability  June'10
Language Skill
English, Malay
Other Skills
Other Information  Able to handle pork?
 Able to eat pork?
 Able to care for dog/cat?
 Able to do simple sewing?
 Able to do gardening work?
 Willing to wash car?
 Willing to re-arrange off-days?
 Number of off-days per month: 2-4 Sunday
Type of Experience  General house keeping 18 year(s)                Number of hits:133
    Cooking 16 year(s)                Last date updated 29-5-2010
    Care for Infant 5 year(s)
    Care for Young Children 6 year(s)
    Care for Elderly/Disabled 10 year(s)
Work Proficiency
Very Good Good Can Learn Comments
General Housekeeping I can clean the house very clean because from young i have to do housekeeping by my own.
Care For Young Children I'm very good to make children to get along with me for example when the children are naughty i can make them to be fine.
Care for Infant At least i can get up every night when the babie cry to give milk.
Cooking I can cook Chinese food, Java food, simple Western food. U must try my cooking.
Care For Elderly/Disabled I'm very good to look after elderly coz i have experience before.
Employment Record
To Employer
House Type
For Leaving
2005 2007 Chinese(Indonesian) Bungalow Housekeeping, cooking. Finished contract for 2 yr. Go to Singapore.
2008 2010 British/Chinese Condo Housekeeping, cooking, elderly, Kids (4,6 & 8yrs) Finished 2yr Contract
Domestic Work Experience (Home & Overseas)  Home Country 16 year(s)
 Singapore 2 year(s)
 Malaysia 0 year(s)
 Hongkong 0 year(s)
 Taiwan 0 year(s)
 Middle East 0 year(s)
 Other Countries 0 year(s)
Ika is a very pleasant girl. She speaks well and is takes to instructions fast and easily. Her employer says she is very capable. She's got experience in all departments except with newborn babies. She's good with kids and very fun for them. She is also capable of looking after elderly and can do tube feeding as well. She likes to cook, her mam taught her how to cook many Western dishes as well like Pastas, salads, fondue, steaks and bakes. She can bake simple cakes too. She is capable of assisting to run errands as well. Her last drawn salary was $360 with 2 sundays off and can start immediately.
 Last updated On  29-5-2010
 Hits  133
Address:  545 Orchard Road, #03-29 Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore 238882
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Public Holidays: BY APPOINTMENT only
Tel:  6884 7552
Fax:  6884 7553
Contacts:  Martin Silva
6884 7552
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